Track Mondo Motors Oval Shape Porsche 911 GT3RS 1:43 2.5M

MondoSKU: 122725

Barcode: 8001011660896

Sale price 2,799 Lek


This 1:14 scale model with Full Function remote control offers an authentic reproduction of the Ferrari FXX-K EVO: Experience the thrill of the track from the comfort of your own home.With its exceptional V12 engine producing an astounding combined output in excess of 1,050 hp, the FXX-K EVO is the spearhead of the XX range. Boasting an uncompromising design, the vehicle is equipped with innovative technologies for an unforgettable driving experience.
The 1:14 scale model of this extraordinary car allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of racing thanks to its exquisitely reproduced details, including headlights that light up during use and fully functional doors that open.
Characterized by a robust shock-resistant body, this model comes complete with a steering wheel remote control, embellished with the legendary Ferrari Shield in its iconic colors: A must-have collectors' items for all Ferrari enthusiasts, both young and old.

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