About us

Founded in 2012, our company brings a decade of experience in the field of  Video Games and Toys. Albagame is a name created from two words: Albania and Game, being now the main distributor of physical and electronic toys in Albania. With a diverse portfolio of leading toys, family entertainment, smart devices, information technology and video games we strive to provide endless fun and a happier place.

We are located in four different stores in the heart of Tirana. Every day, we are privileged to connect with customers by presenting our exceptional products from international partners. Lately, Albagame is growing rapidly in the Information Technology sector offering a variety of computers, storage, networking and other physical devices.

Therefore, Albagame has been selected by the regional platform #ecommerce4all (project supported by GIZ), as one of the 5 most successful stories of businesses offering online services.


We are here to inspire and entertain people of all ages through the power of toys, video games and technology, making a place where everyone can belong anywhere, reflecting the iconic brands, creativity and innovative technologies making an impact on the world.

Albagame is your destination. Let's Play!