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The sixth chapter is to console the legendary Disgaea series tells a story of revenge and rebellion. Under new and terrible threat of a named Overlord Dark Void determined to subdue all Netherworlds% a young demon has decided to end his -KILLIA domain. In Disgaea 5% it will lead KILLIA and his tenacious army of rebels in their dark and dangerous journey to revenge. Enriched with unprecedented action and a fun storyline than ever% the number of damages of Disgaea 5 definitely set a new record. Features: Alliance Attack: Special Moves available only for the main characters and when their interactions are appropriately aligned. Explore the Netherworlds: Disgaea 5 will get you in a myriad of dark places of Netherworlds. Recruiting: Choose from more than 40 races and jobs% and to identify new members with the exact features you want. Special Features: Included in the package: Collectable Box% 32-page artbook% Original Soundtrack Cover and reversible.

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