Playing Cards Bluey 5 in 1 Game

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Barcode: 630996130322

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Meet Bluey! A loveable, six-year-old Blue Heeler dog, whose everyday family life becomes a playful adventure. She loves to create and play unique games with her family and friends and now kids can too with the 5 in 1 Bluey games!
This pack contains 5 of your favorite card games all with a Bluey twist! Children will love playing SNAP with Bluey's Cheese "N" Crackers game or BATTLE with Bluey's Battle. The game of "Go Fish" is even more fun as "Go Fruit Bat!" Old Maid has never been funnier with Bluey's version called Grannies, and play an unforgettable game of Memory. These big sized jumbo sized cards are perfect for little hands to hold and play with! This fantastic set contains 53 cards!

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