Flying Disk Mondo Food

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Rainbow Design - the Frisbee of the world features a Rainbow design
Environmentally friendly materials - the Flying disc Rainbow is a safe game for children, made with recyclable materials
Quality - the surface and design of the disc was conceived to reduce air resistance, so that the flying saucer is stable and precise in flight once launched
From playing outdoors - with this Frisbee your child will forget to have video games and mobile phone, enjoying hours of fun and outdoor sports with friends and family
The Flying disc is undoubtedly ideal for children and adults who have different skill levels. Throwing a Frisbee is a really simple task, although a little practice doesn't hurt as you need to feel the right throwing technique. The object of the game is for two or more players to throw the Frisbee at each other so that it reaches the finish line as accurately as possible and does not fall to the ground

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