Figure Squishy Animals

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✅Dimension: approx. 15 cm (about: 5,91') (depending on the choosen figure) ✅Material: elastic sponge, foam ✅Very scented ✅Very soft ✅Simply: squishy The product that in Japan, Australia and the US is in huge demand finally arrives in the UK! There are already many videos and photos on the web posted also by the most famous bloggers, a sign that the trend is spreading. But what exactly are Squishies and how to use them? Squishies are very soft figurines of various shapes that are used as anti-stress objects. Thanks to their softness, in fact, they can be wrung out, bent, "tortured" generating a pleasant sensation and relieving tension. In addition, they will always resume their form so that the fun can continue, continue and continue. For those who are not yet addicted to squeezing them all day long: they are also delicious collectible items! But be careful: even collecting them becomes a mania! Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. Not suitable for human consumption.

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