Terms and Conditions

Warranty terms:

Please note that this guarantee is separate and does not infringe on your property rights.

Any repairs enabled within the warranty period do not affect the postponement of the deadline.

This warranty requires the Buyer's signature as valid.

What should you do if repair is needed within the warranty terms?

If your product suffers a defect within the warranty period and if it has not been misused or misplaced it will be repaired under the terms of the warranty.

To request the terms of the guarantee you must receive or send the product together with a copy of the guarantee to the Albagame seller or to the sales centers authorized by Albagame within the territory of Albania.

Used parts may be new, equivalent to new or revised.

Any parts replaced during this process become the property of Albagame. Albagame reserves the right to replace the entire product as an alternative to repair.

Any product returned for repair must be accompanied by the relevant invoice, warranty card, name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (if any). If you do not register any information, Albagame may not guarantee you the product.

Albagame repairs the returned product within 30 days. This deadline can only be doubled if the product needs to be sent to more specialized services.

Albagame reserves the right to exhibit for sale your product if after a reasonable time and after we have spent all means to contact you.

What does the Albagame warranty not cover?

The warranty does not cover the categories of defects caused by the following reasons, regardless of whether the defect was caused within the warranty period. In such cases, the repair passes to your charge.

Any defects that occur during repair, modification, cleaning, etc., by anyone other than an authorized Albagame repair center.

Any physical damage and defect caused after purchasing the product as a result of misuse of the product.

Any defect which occurs due to carelessness or non-maintenance (such as keeping the product in extreme conditions, low or high temperature, humidity, any defect which occurs due to contaminating liquids or particles, from consumption, shocks or scratches, etc.)

This warranty only comes with the product and is not valid for accessories and equipment such as: box, belt, batteries or software.

The warranty does not include the right to advertise the reimbursement of indirectly lost or damaged data or any audio-visual material that is archived in the advertised products for technical problems before, during and after the repair. The warranty informs you that the product will be restored to its original condition and may include data loss.

In no event shall Albagame be liable for damages caused by the use of unsafe equipment, or over damages caused outside the product sold. The warranty accompanies the product and not the consequences that come from using the product.

Albagame's obligation under this warranty is strict until the product is repaired or replaced.