Xbox Series X Skull And Bones Special Day1 Edition


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Set in the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Pirates at the end of the 17th century, Skull and Bone's world teems with opportunity and mayhem. People have traveled here from all over the world in search of untold riches, but without courage and smarts they will never survive. It's up to you to write your own story and earn your fortune by looting riches on your journey from exile to king. As you sail from arid Africa to the tropical East Indies, you will face deadly wild animals, raging seas and of course hostile merchant and pirate ships.

Naval combat is the cornerstone of Skull and Bones - and it's crucial to your survival. You can build and sail up to 12 different ships, each with different speed, health, and capacity stats, as well as unique perks for greater customization. Equip your ship with awesome weapons like cannons, mortars, ballistae, torpedoes and more. Whether you like to charge headlong into combat or sneak up on your enemies, these ships and their equipment can be customized and upgraded to suit your playstyle.

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