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Sniper Elite III still focuses more on the player’s choices and the exploration of environments% enriched by the possibility of taking their own style of play and set in the dangerous territory in North Africa during World War II. The protagonist is the agent infiltrated the American lines OSS Karl Fairburne Nazi% and that will put its precision sniper in service of the allied troops in the battle against Germany and its imposing tanks Panzer Tiger in the Western Desert. Features: The Last Edition Sniper Elite III will include% in addition to the original game% these bonus features: 9 additional DLC packages included "SAVE CHURCHILL - Part 1% 2 and 3"% the largest environment ever created 6 PACKAGES WEAPONS - CAMOUFLAGE WEAPONS% sNIPER rIFLES% EASTERN FRONT% WEAPONS HUNTING% WEAPONS aND pATRIOT AXIS% FREE UPDATES INCLUDING 6 new MAPS MULTIPLAYER mode the cAPTURE tHE FLAG mission co-op ’ATTACK aT DUSK’ and ’SHOOTING RANGE’ with specific challenges for each weapon. Features: Improved AI

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