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Super Wings is a computer-animated TV educational cartoon show co-produced by KBS of South Korea, Alpha group of China, KiKa of Germany and Little Airplane Productions of the United States of America.It takes place in a world that resembles ours but with the difference that all the vehicles, from cars to airplanes, ships and trucks, have eyes and a mouth, are sentient and can talk. The typical plot of the episodes starts in an airport, situated on an unnamed island in the Pacific Ocean, where a small airplane named Jett and several other planes and vehicles live. The chief of the airport is Jimbo, the only human present in the airport. In every episode except one, Jett has to deliver a package to a child or children who live in a specific country of planet Earth, so children who watch the show can learn about foreign cultures and languages, with Jimbo always telling Jett one or two words in the language spoken in the country the little plane is about to travel to.

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