Set League of Legends Heroes Dual Cities Figure 5 Pack

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The League of Legends Dual Cities Pack is a must-have for League of Legends fans! The 5-Pack includes Heimerdinger, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, and an exclusive Jinx figure! Accessorize your figures with the included Hextech Rifle for Caitlyn, Bat for Ekko, Fishbones and Pow-Pow for Jinx, and 2 Wrenches and 1 Turret for Professor Heimerdinger! These collector-grade figures capture impeccable details, just like in the game! The League of Legends figure set is sculpted with extreme details through mold finishes and textures. Painted with premium paints, washes, over-sprays and DIJ to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy. The pack comes with an exclusive Jinx figure, featuring premium deco, pearlescent clothing, and graffiti accessories. It’s a League of Legends figure worthy of champions! The figures have 12 points of articulation and Summoner's Rift figure bases, so you can display your favorite characters in various poses. Use the included Summoner’s Rift figure bases. Collect all the League of Legends figures in the Legends Pack to bring the victory home!

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