PS5 Madison Possessed Edition

PerpetualSKU: 131076

Barcode: 5060522099093

Sale price 5,299 Lek


You wake up in a dark room with blood on your hands. Your sister and mother were massacred and you only remember fragments of the events. However, this is only the beginning, because the world of MADiSON is full of impenetrable darkness and horrors that the human eye should never have seen. Immerse yourself in a terrifying psychological horror adventure from the first person, which refers completely to absolute classics of the genre such as Condemned, Outlast, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Layers of Fear or Silent Hill .

Can you escape from the clutches of a brutal demon?
Your guide will be a camera, capable of connecting the world of the living with another dimension , with the help of which you will solve various puzzles, explore the surroundings and, above all, do everything to survive . Because on your heels will be MADiSON , a demon spirit that forces you to continue the bloody ritual started decades ago and occasionally commit heinous acts that might get you away from this terrifying place.

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