PS4 This War Of Mine The Little Ones

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This War Of Mine: The Little Ones offers realistic and dramatic experience of war and often sobering. Not from the point of view of a soldier elite% but from that of a group of civilians trying to survive. You struggle with the lack of food% with the scarcity or even the lack of sanitary facilities% under the threat of incessant dangers from the surrounding world. The alternation of day and night marks the rhythm of the game. During the day% the hidden snipers keep you to get away from the shelter. This means that you will need to focus on the protection of a group of civilians and of your hiding place% producing what it takes to survive in war. At night% you can send a person in various places to rummage through the rubble and garbage to find objects that could help the entire group to survive. Seeks to protect all or choose to make sacrifices to withstand adversity. There are no right or wrong decisions in times of war% there is only survival. Features: Unique graphics% stylized charcoal which increases the realistic look Produce items such as weapons% alcohol% beds% stoves% toys and more Get crucial decisions with strong emotional repercussions. Special Features: Includes all the experience of the original version of the game and all the additional content Child Survivors and all released DLC content.

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