PS4 Bladestorm Nightmare

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Bladestorm: Nightmare is the sequel Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War% in this strategy game you will take command of entire armies of soldiers who will fight for supremacy during the events of the famous "Hundred Years War". The classic story mode alongside a fantasy mode in which the world will be invaded by demonic creatures that will force the two warring factions to join forces to defeat them. Features: 32 playable characters including the famous Joan of Arc and the French commander La Hire The player can choose at any time which of the two factions fight% taking the career soldier of fortune Returning faithful of the historical events related to the War of Cent ’years Includes the terrifying Nightmare mode% full of dragons and demonic creatures% it features 9 different game scenarios More than 60 hours of gameplay possibility to customize online support for co-op and versus Extraordinary and faithful historical recreation of the events of Hundred Years’ war.

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