Plush Squishville Mini Squishmallow Little Paint Party

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Barcode: 191726428459

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Free your artistic soul with this fantastic Squishville set, which includes a squishmallows plush mascot in a cute 5 cm version, and accessories for "painting". The purple lion Francis is eager to take you through this wonderfully soft, artistic oasis, so get ready for some really great fun! Grab the paint bucket and get inspired to fill the empty canvas. What will you paint? With six felt stickers to help you develop your imagination, you can create a real masterpiece! With vehicles, play sets and your favorite Squishmallows plush toys, the world of Squishville toys is full of possibilities for great fun!
Get creative and find inspiration to create your own unique work of art.

Mascot in a unique size

This amazing accessory kit for little artists includes a 5 cm plush toy - Francis the lion - and everything he needs to be a great artist!

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