Playdoh Foam Pink

HasbroSKU: 130534

Barcode: 5010994147082

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The fun of foam wherever you roam! Play-Doh Foam is a delightful mix of squishy yet firm, and relaxing yet exciting.

This single can of Play-Doh Foam for kids 3 years and up comes with 3.2 ounces of pure squishy delight. Fun for arts and crafts time or to relax after a long day!

It's a satisfying foam experience that feels great in your hands, and the bright colour is fun to look at, too. The firm, pliable texture and soft beads create a tactile experience that feels great in your hands, and it's non-toxic for your peace of mind.

Poke it, shape it, squeeze it as hard as you can - this modeling foam keeps the shape you mold! It's a fun arts and crafts activity for kids and great for relaxing after a long day.
Age: 3+

Dimensions: 10.16 W x 10.16 D x 4.45 H (cm)

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