Lego City Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions 60354

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Barcode: 5702017189758

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Send kids into orbit with an interactive digital adventure play experience where they can take on the lead role, using real LEGO bricks to complete exciting on-screen missions. The LEGO City Mars Exploration Missions (60354) playset includes an awesome mission ship and space rover, plus 3 minifigures, a robot dog character and lots of LEGO elements to overcome exciting story-based building challenges.
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The LEGO City Mars Exploration Missions playset requires a smartphone or tablet with the free LEGO Building Instructions app.
Children aged 6 and over learn by playing.
With LEGO City Missions playsets, kids become heroes at the center of the action, developing creative and problem-solving skills as they interact with their favorite on-screen characters and overcome hands-on building challenges without instructions to save the day.

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