Keyboard Trust GXT 856 Torac

TrustSKU: 124348

Barcode: 124348

Sale price 2,891 Lek


Engineered for serious gaming, the Trust GXT 856 Torac Metal Gaming Keyboard combines durability with usability, with the added colour hit from stunning LED illumination.

Ramp up your gaming experience with the endurance of the Trust GXT 856 Torac Metal Gaming Keyboard. Its premium metal frame provides a solid foundation for enhanced gameplay.

A glorious LED lights experience is located behind the keys to enhance your gaming experience. Adjust the brightness and speed of the multicolour illumination effects to match your in-game actions.

The Torac boasts fingertip control with 12 media keys. Use them to adjust the volume, open your mail, play or pause videos or even mute audio. Whats more, the Torac also features a dedicated game-mode switch this puts the Windows key in lock mode while youre playing, allowing for uninterrupted gaming.

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