ITNG Garden Musical Activity Ninky Nonk Bubble Train

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Barcode: 5013197204705

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In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train with 5 colourful carriages that link together to create a pull along train.Musical Pull Along EngineThe musical engine has 3 character buttons, each with a different tune. The pull along cord activates Ninky Nonk sounds to encourage early steps. Press the star button for a soothing nightlight and calming bedtime lullaby. Spinning Shape SorterPost the blocks through the shape sorter roof to explore shapes and colours. Press down the plunger to see the carriage spin.Pop-Up and Peek-a-Boo CarriagesPress the pop up to reveal Igglepiggle, then push him down to hear him squeak. Open the peek-a-boo doors to see the Pontipines and Wottingers. Stacking Block CarriageStack the 2 blocks to make a tower! There’s space in the carriage to store the blocks when not in use. Open the peek-a-boo door to find Upsy Daisy.

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