Figure Goozonians Cora

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Introducing GooZonians - the stretch-iest ever superheroes protecting the magical realm of GooZonia - a land where enchanted rainbow-hued goo flows through everything! Get ready for some magical adventures with a range of new super squishy, super stretchy heroes like no other! Meet Queen Ember, Princess Flik and friends as they juggle strange new powers, royal responsibilities, and squad goals while preventing the ApoGoolypse! Stretch and squish your Cora action hero, she will always come back to her original shape! Squeeze her and see her gooey body move and stretch! Squish her to uncover her magic conch charm giving her voice a magic power and strength never seen before! As Artistic Director of the Royal Performance Company Cora keeps the girls entertained when they need a break from studies and Stone Heart missions. She lives for creating new ideas that she can put to music or take to the stage she loves to perform and delight. Check out and collect all 6 squishy, gooey and stretchy GooZonians in series 1! Can you collect them all? Make sure to check out the GooZonians cartoon on YouTube where you can watch your favourite heroes discover their special magic charms and save GooZonia from the threat of the Stone Heart!

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