Figure Funko Pop! Vinyl Games 462: Tricera OPS-Fortnite

FunkoSKU: 121128

Barcode: 889698360241

Sale price 2,199 Lek


Do you prefer to bend over with weapons that explode or camp in the bushes waiting for their enemies to eliminate each other? Are you the first or last player outside the Battle Bus? Is it just, duos or squares plus your style? Whatever your strategy, there is one thing that 125 million players can agree on: Fortnite is amazing. Take in dozens of intimidating, fun and adorable costumes and it is not surprising that the game has such a dedicated follow-up. The pop! Games x Fortnite features characters from the popular game.

This package includes the main article and a third-generation PET plastic graphic protector for Funko POP.The lower graphic pattern on the back of the protector is designed by ToysDiva, and makes this protector ideal for improving the look of your POP. collection if you ever decide to take the figure from the original cover and put it inside the protector.

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