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Glam your doll, Glam yourself, Glam your world! Welcome to the world of InstaGlam Glo-up Girls – where a little #GLO-tivation is all you need to achieve your goals!

InstaGlam Glo-up Girls is the newest and trendiest fashion doll brand, with sophisticated fashions, exciting transformations, 25+ surprises and a face mask for YOU with every doll! InstaGlam Glo -up Girls empowers girls to celebrate who they are today and who they are becoming.

With InstaGlam Glo-up Girls, you can express yourself through self-care, spa play, manicures, and makeup, and discover surprise fashions, accessories, and magical transformations! Makeover your InstaGlam Glo-up Girls doll from pyjamas to the runway - while pampering yourself along the way. And just like every real girl, your doll has a unique personality and style, plus awesome aspirations. Erin’s style is Creative & Colourful. Clever, street-smart, strong-willed, and independent she's always chatting with friends and the first one to the party. Oh - and she loves pulling pranks on her friends!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's #GLO!

Each doll comes with:
- A beauty face mask for YOU
- 25+ fashion surprises to discover for your doll
- Bath bomb with a surprise inside
- Foot spa for your doll
- Magic makeup reveal on the dolls face
- Colour-changing nail play
- Fabulous hair styling fun
- Fashions such as dresses, jackets, and shoes
- Accessories such as earrings, bags and purses
- Pyjamas and sleep mask for Pre-GLO and After-GLO relaxation

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