Controller Xbox PDP Wired Rematch Radial White

PDPSKU: 132418

Barcode: 708056069223

Sale price 5,799 Lek


Ready for a rematch? Take your enemies down again and again with the enhanced features and customizability of the Radial White REMATCH Advanced Wired Controller, officially licensed by Xbox. Rethink the way you game using the two programmable back buttons to map controller functions and take down ops quickly and efficiently. Enjoy improved accuracy with the textured grips, thumbsticks, and triggers. With the built-in volume controls on the D-pad and quick mic mute, you can make rapid-fire adjustments without ruining your immersion. Enhance your gaming experience further by customizing your controller on the free PDP Control Hub app. Re-map buttons, reconfigure triggers, adjust deadzones, update controller firmware, and more. Connect the included 8-foot USB-C cable to upgrade your gaming with the officially licensed REMATCH Advanced Wired Controller.

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