Console Xbox Series S + DG Fortnite + DG Rocket League + DG Fall Guys

MicrosoftSKU: 133441

Barcode: 196388102747

Sale price 39,999 Lek


Xbox Series S is Microsoft's next-generation console, small but powerful. It's an All-Digital console, so it doesn't include a disc player, but it's perfect for digital games or for the Game Pass service subscription, which provides the ability to play more than 100 video games right away. In any case, Microsoft also offers the most powerful next-gen console on the market, Xbox Series X. Xbox Series S is the perfect machine for the living room: thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture, a system based on a customized SSD internal memory unit, substantial improvements can also be obtained on older generation games, with an increase up to 120 frames per second and lightning-fast loads. There is also full compatibility with games released in the past for the first Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One, complete with improved graphics and fluidity. In particular, the very fast SSD internal memory is equal to 512 GB, which however can be easily expanded with additional 1 TB memory cards. Even this small console therefore introduces the technological innovations brought about by the new generation, such as for example the so-called Ray tracing which improves the general lighting of games and 3D spatial audio to immerse yourself in realistic and engaging worlds. Finally, in the package there is also a new wireless controller improved in comfort and design, with non-slip triggers and a hybrid directional cross, even more precise.

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