Card Yu-Gi-Oh! Distruttori Dell'Ombra

KonamiSKU: 131787

Barcode: 4012927446492

Sale price 599 Lek


Pack of 9 cards.

Only skilled fencers will be able to handle the new Shadow Breakers expansion! Sharpen your sword and get ready to duel with new themes and relive the legend of the TRADING CARD GAME Yu-Gi-Oh!
Fighter of the Blades is back with Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster, with tons of mythic cards as reinforcement that will make these famous monsters stronger than ever! In addition to this legendary warrior, Destroyers of the Shadow also introduces new themes and new strategies! The Shiranui use the strength of the Samurai spirits to empower you in duels, while the Twilight Ninjas rely on speed and numbers to get the better of their opponents. Enemies will feel the power of the Dinomists, steam-powered Pendulum dinosaurs that can deliver hard blows when you least expect them.
Also included will be new cards for existing themes such as Melodious, Goyo, MasterSpectrum, Eyes, Performapal, Mage and many more and in front of all many brand new Extra Deck monsters! Many cards in this set will have excellent synergies with newer products such as SD Master of Pendulum. In addition, Duelists will be able to count on a foil card in each pack from this new expansion.

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