Card Pokemon Lotte di Lega Mew VMAX

The Pokemon CompanySKU: 133432

Barcode: 820650602702

Sale price 4,999 Lek


Team up with Mew-VMAX and finish off your opponents with the devastating power of the Fusion Strike!
The Pokémon VMAX in this League-ready deck is just waiting to land in the hands of skilled Pokémon TCG players and Trainers. With its many cards, including some high-quality foils and a well-balanced set of Pokémon cards and Trainer cards, the Mew-VMAX League Battle Deck, powered by the devastating power of the Fusion Strike engine, features one of the Pokémon of the region of Most loved Kanto ever.
Among the extraordinary foil cards in this deck stands out that of Genesect-V which, with its powerful ability Fusion Strike System, allows you to add cards to your hand up to have the same number of your Pokémon Fusion Strike in play. Genesect-V also has the Technoblast attack that does 210 damage at the cost of three Energy, but prevents you from attacking during your next turn. The cost of the attack can be met by Fusion Strike Energy, a special Energy that for Fusion Strike Pokémon can be used like any type of Energy.

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